Quickly Create The Necessary Information Required By The Latest Building Code
For Your Local Area.

This software does the calculations and organizes the information.
You drag and drop and it's done.

Four Codes Addressed in One Program:
  • Florida (2017 FBC) – The Florida Building Code is/will be updated effective December 31, 2017. This new code has made changes in the use of the Wind Speed Maps which significantly affects many structures in the State of Florida to be build in 2018 and beyond.  These updates are no reflected in our Program.  The output conforms with the 2017 Florida Building Code. The data is quickly developed and can be quickly dragged and dropped into your Construction Documents.
  • Florida (2014 FBC) (NOTE: This  Code Version  ends on 31 December 2017) Florida has a unique Building Code effective June 30, 2015. While based on the IBC codes, there are several unique wind speed requirements that have been written into our software. The output conforms with the new 2014 Florida Building Code. The data is quickly developed and can be quickly dragged and dropped into your Construction Documents.
  • International Building Code (2012 Edition) – Many states have adapted the International Building Code 2012 Edition. As of February 2016 these include Arizona, Arkansas, California, Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Virginia , Washington, West Virginia and the US Virgin Islands.  If you are designing projects in areas governed by this version of the IBC, this program will work for you.   
  • International Building Code (2015 Edition) – Some states have adapted the International Building Code, the latest 2015 Edition. As of February 2016 , these include Colorado, Maryland, New Jersey, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wyoming. If you are designing projects in areas governed by this latest version of the IBC, we have you covered. 
“I love the program! ”
W. Miller, Engineer
“Looked at your video demo of your software and was quite impressed.”
John, Engineer
“I love it. I was using a competitor’s program previously. Yours is much easier to use.I am surprised that you could develop such a simple to use program.”
B. Snow
  • This software was developed and perfected by Licensed Professionals for their own use. You can be certain of its applicability and value.
  • Just provide a few answers about the project (most chosen from drop down menus) and the software develops all Required Basic Engineering Information in a ready-made table which is Copied and Pasted into the Construction Documents. This makes it simple to use. These entries are thorough and accurate requiring little effort on your part.
  • This software works for Fully Enclosed Structures up to 60 feet in height;  all occupancy types.
  • Depending upon your state the data includes windloads for components and cladding, windows, doors as well as seismic information and other data and calculations. See your particular state for details.
  • The table Lists the Required Information in the Exact Order Given in the Code so plan-examiners can easily find it in one location. This helps assure them that you know and are complying with the new Code and reduces the number of comments that you have to handle.
  • NEW! Additional Table Added to Calculate the Wind Pressures for Any Sized Opening Any Distance from a Corner. 
“This a great piece of work. I design houses all over Florida. Again thanks ”
B. Tucker
“I would like to congratulate you for the wonderful product you have created.”
M. Cabrero
Windload Calculator Plus – Specifically for Your State
  • Accurate – Reduces the Time You Spend Reviewing the Code
  • Performs the Difficult Calculations  – Eliminates Thumbing Through Tables and Code. Frees you up to do the more interesting stuff.
  • Places All Data in Ready-Made Tables 
  • Drag and Drop into your CD’s 
  • Tried and Tested with 1000’s of Successful Permits – Proven Workability.
  • Produced by Professionals Who Work in the Industry . 
  • Created for Engineers, Architects, Designers and Contractors. If You’re One of Those — It’s a Must.


“Thanks for the recent update to the Basic Building Generator Program.  I have found it amazingly simple to use and a great time saver.The embedded calculations save a great deal of effort in providing the calculations necessary to satisfy jurisdictional review.Thanks again for the wonderful product.”
“We have been using this software for quite some time. It handles a part of the construction plans that I always disliked having to do. Everything is covered in the table. Easy to Use.”
FPS Inc.

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